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Tuesday, June 9th, 2015
10:16 pm
A nest of bees has colonized a branch of a tree in my former jungle now clearcut brush-heap back yard. They have comb, but no shelter except for the wall of themselves. They seem content to live and let live, not objecting to me mowing under them (not mowing grass, but dried cut brush}.

Hope everyone is fine.
Friday, July 4th, 2008
1:11 pm
language has history, its parts acreating like sedement, over the long ages of spoken word.
Gestures also have history, going back even beyond verbal communication. I will extrapolate
a few.
Ok, the nod. I think it is a checking out, a looking up and down, sort of like the but sniff or
nose touch of animals, how ya doing, are they dangerous, are they ill, or insane. Up and down
gaze, focused attention. An "I see you", meaning acknowledgement, comming to mean agreement.
Compare to a dog sniffing the wind when curious about a distant figure, attempting to get more
Next, the head shake. Not focused attention, like changing the subject, looking around for
other things of interest, dangers, something else to achieve. akin to the shrug, of shaking off
anoying insects, or the displaced agression of tossing leaves in the air.
Which brings us to non-standard displays of anger, "puffing up" bellowing loudly, stomping,
waiving or raising arms threateningly. All pretty instincive, and also found in other animals.
The smile is a difficult one to read, although the apes have a similar gesture, indicating an
emotion of nerviousness or insecurity. Perhaps it is ment to put at ease, to some degree, a
sympathetic, or empathetic show of support. Do happy people show their teeth when they
are alone and very happy? It is a good question.

In other news, the IRS gave me a refund of overpayment to the tune of 400, and said I owed
900 in penalties. I thought this odd enough, that I contacted a tax service, (the one with the
green and black logo), and paid 75 to have them do an amended return. They found that not
only did I not have to pay any penalties, but that the revenuers had to pay me an addional
1400. I kid you not. Yay for paid professional Tax Accountants!
Friday, February 15th, 2008
1:58 pm
I call shotgun
Why we drive on the right, and the Brits drive on the left; A supposition.

The British were driving carrages and carts and horses on their roads much earlier than those in this country have been-
so long ago in fact, that two knights in armor, lances and shields, passing in joust would present their strong right arms
closest to eachother, most handy for a sword or lance blow at need. It became customary, to take the left side of the road
when passing a stranger.

In this country, swords were already supplanted by guns for the most part, and a long gun naturaly angles to the left, making
the cautious passing of strangers safest on the right hand side. Even a pistol is easier aimed towards the left, than towards
the right hand side. In dueling, the sideways stance was to present a smaller target for your opponent, was all. In fowling,
the stance is to have your left quarter towards the game to be flushed.
Monday, January 28th, 2008
11:11 am
Google this
10:34 am
Floating Shiny Objects
It has been awhile since any interdimentional jellyfish have shown themselves, well, as far as you know,
anyway. I wanted to mention one that was there when I opened my eyes, after gradualy awakening from
an afternoon nap. I slowly became aware that I was not sleeping, while still laying there, relaxed, in the
late afternoon, twilight/daylight still in the room. I sometimes sense that there will be something there,
perhaps why I do open my eyes, suddenly, without premeditation, from a relaxed state. A few feet in
front of my face, a bilateraly symetrical cluster of 'shiny red berrys' like glossy globules of umber fingernail
polish floats. I quietly acknowledge it, "Hi there" and after a frozen pause of surprise, of one and a quarter
seconds, it moves quickly west, in the direction my head is pointing towards, and vanishes. The individual
elements of the cluster were about the size of grapes, closely packed together, like two pyramids stacked
base to base, and its total size was smaller than a tennis ball.
Saturday, November 10th, 2007
8:39 am
Young Adult Fiction
I would like to point out, that Kristen Miller has (so far) written two books entitled

Kiki Strike

which are very entertaining, and contain rogue girlscouts, a hidden underground city, man-eating rats,

Professional Students, kung- fu, treasure, secrets, giant squid, smugglers, snakes, golden gods and

headless goddesses, cave-ins, explosions, assassans, a mummy, disguises, mind control drugs,

tomb robbing, runaways, practical tips on many forbidden subjects such as evesdropping and evasion,

forgery, tagging, counterfitting, gangs, homelessness, home invasions, giant squirrels, abuctions,

ghosts, skelletons, plague, bootlegging, royalty, animal rights activists, and breaking curfew.

And that is just scratching the surface. I finished one in an afternoon, and had to start the second, finishing

it late that same night. I will return them to the library system today so get your holds placed!

By the Way, it is all set in New York City!
Saturday, October 13th, 2007
11:06 pm
Sam ch 2
Sam was a lonely young man, well liked, personable, and highly avoided. Still, there was no living in the same town with him,

and avoiding the effects. He was polite, well meaning, and devastating. Not all was destruction, but certainly all was turmoil.

"It didn't do any good not to invite Sam to any large gathering, because something he had done earlier would cascade through

time, and the effects could arrive anyway. He was mowing Mrs. Stewart's lawn, (some people figured out there wasn't any point

trying to avoid him, just a force of nature, and as much good occured as bad) when the Munsen's dog chased the Purdey's cat

across in front of him. The dog's leash got caught in the right wheel, and the lawnmower got stuck into a turn, helped by the

startled dog pulling it. He should have just let go, but this was before the days of safety switches, and it would have kept on

mowing, right through Mrs. Stewart's petunia border. He poped it up on it's hind wheels, and yanked it left, and dove for the cutoff

switch, blistering his thumb on the exaust. He was dancing around with his hands between his thighs, grimacing and writhing

a sight to behold, and sure enough, behold him Mrs. Stewart did, as she was adding cinnamon to the coffee cake she was baking

for the Church Bake Sale. There was only one Church, the Protestant Church, in that part of the country, and the proceeds were

to help the shut-ins, or such like. Well, distracted by Sam's antics, as anyone might be, she grabbed the Cummin by mistake,

and her famous coffee cake became notorious, at least for that year's annual Bake Sale. The unsuspecting Pastor Swan, upon

introducing a large bite of what was ment to be a wonderful treat into his salavating mouth, chewed twice, spat the wad of

cud to the floor, and surprised the lady's auxiliary by profaining the name of the lord, his son, and the blessed lady as well.

This was perplexing to the congregation, as Protestants don't hold too much with the Blessed Virgin- just give her an acknowleging

nod, so to speak.and some quiet inquierys were made. Turns out, Pastor Swan was a failed Semenary Student, who had forged his

credentials and tried to make a living on the other side of the tracks, so to speak. He was a long way from the Holy Reformer

Catholic Fellowship of New York!"

Sam didn't have many friends, nor any enemys either, nor any girlfriends. He had tried, but Betsy Sanderson, who went to the

Jr. Prom with him, had her Prom Dress shut in the door of the car, which was subsently driven away by the chauffer, ripping it

from her body and leaving her dressed only in her undergarments and the bruses and welts her step-father had given her.

Her step-father went to jail for three years, and she and her mother moved away from town, changing their name back to Franks.

As a consequence of Sam being so lonely, he made friends with animals, any animal, and they were quite glad to have him

as a pal. Birds, frogs, dogs and stray cats, they all got along with Sam very well, and seemed to listen to him talk, and perhaps,

even to understand. If only he hadn't made such good friends with that skunk!
Friday, October 12th, 2007
8:52 pm
Sam ch 1
Gather, you who would learn, and hear the tales of He who Caused, named Samuel Bright, or in our tongue,


Sam was a trouble magnet, somehow turmoil and strange coincidential events, not all bad news, but wierd,

disturbing, unsettling, followed him his life long, often depending from some small thoughtless act or other of his.

One or two such happenings could be explained away, and often happened at rare instances in the lives of most,

But Strange Sam, as he came to be known in the town he grew up in, had much more than his share. These days,

some might call it Karma, for most who got what he unknowingly, helplessly, resignedly caused, got what they

deserved. Most folk didn't care to spend much time around him, although some had prospered mightly by the

association, and some had come to bad ends. Sometimes it was hard to tell the difference, like in the case of

the fire that burned up Zeb Master's house, and him with it- No-one blamed Sam for stealing the brass weather-

-vane, it was only a prank, for Hallow's Eve, and who could have fortold that a lightning storm would strike the

house the next night, or that the Brass Elephant had been connected to a copper ground wire to protect the

house from lightning? Besides, if anyone deserved to be struck by lightning it was Zeb Masters- It was just a

Shame how he treated his wife and daughter. He was about the richest man in town, though from the way he

dressed his Women he might have been the meanest Pauper. That big old house, and no servants would he hire,

using his wife and daughter as Charwoman and Scullery Maid. They were both rescued by the Volunteer Fire

Brigade, and fell in love, both of them, in the strong arms of the Heros who carried them from the blaze.

When the fire was finaly out, a safe was discovered in the ashes, filled with a 400 pound ingot of solid gold,

melted from the coins within by the inferno. Luckly, Zeb didn't believe in paper money. Each of the ladys built

herself a new house for her new husband, and that Elephant was remade into two brass hearts, one for each.

Everyone had Strange Sam storys, and a favorite pastime was to sit around and swap rememberances of the

time that Strange Sam had affected their own life. It was comforting to speak of now, that he was gone from

the town. Somehow things seemed too quiet, too ordinary, anymore.

"One time, Sam was crossing my field, and my old bull took exception to his red bandana, and chased him

all the way across, to that big old pine tree at the end. Somehow Sam managed to get up in her, I have no idea

how, but then, I guess 600 pounds of fast muscle propelling two sharp horns might just give someone an idea-

Anyway, that bull treed him, and as he was climbing, he broke off a branch with a hornets nest on it, and down

it fell, to stick smack dab on the left horn of that bull! If that bull was mad before, he was maddened then, and

those hornets were even madder! Off he raced, trying to outrun those hornets, nevermind the fence in the way!

He pretty soon came into town, down mainstreet, and ran right over two gents just leaving the 1st Farmers Bank.

I guess you know about right,. knowing the kind of luck that revolves around Sam, that those two gents were

toting sacks of loot, holding pistols, and had a car waiting! The bull landed in the duck pond in the park, only

his nose above the water, where he stayed for the rest of the day-the hornets stayed there with the bank robbers,

in fact, no lie, the paper nest landed in the open passenger window of the get-away car, forcing the driver to evacuate.

Them hornets chased him right back into the bank, where he was aprehended when the police showed up a bit

later. I got payed a $500 reward for the part my bull played in breaking up the robbery, since the robbers had

a poster out on them. They only had a few broken bones amongst them."
Monday, September 17th, 2007
9:07 am
Saturday, September 15th, 2007
8:00 pm
Sunday, September 9th, 2007
10:03 am
"If you're gonna try to do it do it balls out, if you're gonna try to do it at all"
Song Channeler Andi Otness has crossed over.


I can't play these, because it would take me hours to download them, but you go ahead,
and see what playful talent is no longer among us.

Songs have been written of romance, and songs have been written of love,
And songs have been written of marrages, that were made in the heavens above-

But I think these songs are missing the point, with the spiritual thoughts that they summon-
I'm equaly certain, the issue they're skirtin'- My friends, is the issue, of CUMMING!

(Chorus:) I love to cum, when I'm cumming I never feel blue, I love to cum, it's the happiest thing one can do
I love to cum, when I'm cumming its always alright- (everybody now, motioning for audience to get on their feet and join in, clapping
and stomping feet to the waltzy tune, and scream along)
I love to cum TO CUM! so let's hope we can all cum tonight!
Friday, August 31st, 2007
8:03 pm
Backwards fun

it is an invisible character just to the right I ment left, dyslexia could get really confused here... of the black rectangle.

Also, This story should be made into a movie.
or three. by Dreamworks.
Thursday, August 23rd, 2007
7:25 pm
Wherein I am weird
So I was sitting in the food court, and I noticed that the only portion of the sign visible to me of the all american icecream place was the part that said "ALL A". So, I continued to look about, thinking there was something being signified, and the next thing I saw was the only portion of the sign something or other pagoda was the portion which read "goda'. So, next I discover that I am sitting across from the Paradise Bakery. It was all pretty funny at the moment. Go, see "The Last Legeon" you would enjoy it. Look for numerous echos of both LOTR and StarWars. I was laughing like an idiot at odd moments, people must have thought I was weird.
I want to see "Stardust" soon, it sounds like a nice fairytale.
Tuesday, August 7th, 2007
7:56 am
Thursday, August 2nd, 2007
7:00 pm
It is Banannas.
So I was shopping yesterday, and at the checkout counter, the clerk accidently rang up my apples as banannas. He corrected it, muttering "You don't got banannas" So I sang "Yes, I have no banannas". Ok, typical, and not very noteworthy, right? Not five minutes later, just a few blocks away, I stop at a stopsign behind a van with a yellow bumpersticker- It reads "War is banannas. Anti-bananna". Do you know how many times in my entire life I have seen a bumpersticker that mentioned the word bananna? Zero, before that moment. Coincidence? It purely must be, right? Depends on how you define 'coincidence', I guess. Co-incident, two things happening simultaniously. I guess Strange Coincidence might be a better description. But in my case, not so strange, this kind of thing is always happening. To me at least. At least, ever since that day. As if the universe is appologizing for a chance encounter by showing me that it wasn't it's fault, that chance happens, randomly. A standing wave of strange coincidence, starting that same day with the bassist's wife being in the same max car I happened to get into, after wandering around blankly, rudderless, knowing that the possible futures had collapsed. But thankyou, universe, it is kind of neat.
Thursday, July 26th, 2007
2:17 pm
The universe loves me, this I know
So the universe couldn't arrange my seeing someone I know, today, unlass that was someone a block and a half away, but I wasn't certain-
So instead, I saw the same strangers twice, a little family of mom and her two kids, once downtown, and then again, several hours later, four or
five miles away. Comming out of the same establishment I was entering, holding the door for me.. Good job, Universe! That'll do.
Thursday, July 5th, 2007
1:41 pm
latest Jellyfish encounter
I don't now write about all the 'jellyfish' which manifest, but this latest was so singular, I had to tell you about it.
I was lying with my eyes closed, having gone to bed but not yet fallen asleep, my breathing regular, perhaps seeming to
be sleeping, my mind calm. I opened my eyes, somewhat expectantly, because I know I open my eyes for some reason,
when the jellyfish manifest. For half a second, I was slightly disappointed to see nothing, but then a shape materialized, as if
phasing into existance, another manufactured shape, very rare- most are organic seeming, usualy with an underwater motif.
It could have been a spaceship, or it could have been a underwater ship- it was bilateraly symetrical, kind of boxy shaped
but of many rounded segments, like bubbles, domes, viewports. it was traveling from about my knees to above my face,
which took about 4 seconds, long enough for me to raise my hand, and flap my fingers against my palm lazily, while saying
"Hi there.." before it disappeared as it passed beyond my head, phasing out in the cheshire cat way of interdimentional shift.
I would guess its dimentions to be two feet long by one and a half feet wide, one foot thick. This is only the second "spaceship"
type jellyfish I have noted. Also, I think that other one was while I was awake, or in daylight, or something.
Sunday, July 1st, 2007
4:17 pm
Philip Pullman's Golden Compass, animated, december 7.
In other news, the place I worked was shut down. I had been working 6 days a week, 210 hours a month. I liked it, and am saddened.
I made pizzas, served tables, got my olcc servers card, and pulled a few drafts and poured a few glasses of wine, washed dishes, bussed
tables, made a few lattes, nice not-boring work. I didn't hardly take breaks, either. *sigh*
Wednesday, April 4th, 2007
9:42 am
I am assuming
That everyone who cares already knows that Greg Brown is performing this Friday at the PSU commons
Thursday, March 29th, 2007
9:01 am
workin 6 days a week
Shaped like a cross between a tin toy pump-up top, and a disco ball with diamond shaped mirrors, it hung in the air above my bed, and when I greeted it with 'Oh, there you are' it moved with a slight swoop up towards the top of my bed, and faded out. elapsed time, around four seconds.
I had discussed a jellyfish with a computer entity before I had gone to bed, along with mention of snuggles and kisses, heh. Very sweet, so cool.
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